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Evaluate the organizational climate and turn it into a healthy and productive environment with Omaisha.

Increase emotional salary – offer this benefit to employees

Reduce your time to get climate diagnosis 

Improve your work environment with personalized recommendations

Improve your work environment with personalized recommendations

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What do you get?

Diagnosis of organizational climate
Surveys and analysis of responses

Personalized Recommendations
A monthly update is carried out with human development experts, prioritizing those with the greatest impact.


  • For the organization – recommendations that can be executed at no cost


  • For the employee – at the end of the survey he receives individualized recommendations
    And also,

Get the NOM-035 psychosocial and environment evaluation reports

Digital Strategist
Armando Galeana

"The only real prison is fear, and the only real freedom is freedom from fear" Aung San Suu Kyi)

product manager
Mandy Potgieter

"The World is a book and those who do not travel read only a page."
~St. augustin

Jose Francisco Ugalde Alive

"Reject common sense to make the impossible possible."

We are Omaisha

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Mexicans suffer the greatest work stress in the world 

Frequent questions

 What does Omaisha do?

Omaisha is a digital platform that enables its members to reduce depression and anxiety in the workplace through actionable insights.

 How can I contact Omaisha for help?

Please contact Omaisha through our contact form here

How does Omaisha protect my data?

All data is encrypted and no personal data is shared outside of Omaisha.

Can I have multiple accounts? Can I see them all in the app and on the website?

Yes, you can have multiple accounts. 

I have an audit, what information do I need to share?

 Information on the requirements of NOM-035 can be found here. (link to NOM-035)

: I can not access my account.

Please go to the password reset here

I have a billing problem or my billing is incorrect.

Please contact Omaisha through our contact form here

How current is the account information I see in Omaisha?

All information presented in Omaisha is real-time information.

I can't download the app.

If you are unable to download the app, please go to your desktop browser and go to 

I don't see the app in the app store.

 The Omaisha app is available for iOS devices in Mexico. They are working in the next country that will be able to download our app. Meanwhile, if you find the Omaisha app in the Apple store, it is because it is not available in your country or your Apple ID is linked to a country other than Mexico. 

My company's verification code doesn't work.

Please try again and wait a couple of minutes, if you don't receive your verification code or it still doesn't work, contact:

My verification email has not been sent.

 Please check your "SPAM" folder. 

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